Network Management Policy



This LiveOak Fiber Network Management Policy explains the network management practices that LiveOak Fiber uses for its broadband Internet access services (“Broadband Services”). This Policy is intended to help current and prospective LiveOak Fiber customers make informed choices about the use of LiveOak Fiber’s Broadband Services.

LiveOak Fiber wants its customers to enjoy all that the Internet has to offer, therefore, LiveOak Fiber manages its network to ensure that all of its customers experience a safe and secure broadband Internet environment that is reliable, fast, and affordable.

Service Description and Expected and Actual Speed and Latency

LiveOak Fiber offers a variety of Broadband Services, each of which may have a different service capability speed. The term speed is often used to describe the capacity at which a particular Broadband Service can transmit data. The capacity is typically measured in the number of kilobits, megabits, or gigabits that can be transmitted in one second (Kbps, Mbps or Gbps). Some applications such as sending email without attachment or basic web browsing do not require high-capacity speeds to function optimally. Other activities such as the transfer of large data files are best performed with higher-speed services. LiveOak Fiber works with its customers in order to help the customer decide what service speed best meets their needs.

LiveOak Fiber measures availability, latency, and aggregate utilization on the LiveOak Fiber network. LiveOak Fiber strives to support advertised speeds and will dispatch repair technicians to customer sites to troubleshoot and resolve speed issues if those issues are on the LiveOak Fiber network.  The actual speed experienced by a customer will vary based on multiple factors beyond LiveOak Fiber’s control, such as the condition of wiring inside the customer’s location; the customer’s computer and other devices configuration; Internet congestion on network and facilities not provided by LiveOak Fiber; and the server speeds of websites accessed.

LiveOak Fiber reserves the right to monitor and identify which customer accounts are using the greatest amount of bandwidth during periods of heavy congestion and to work to provide solutions to address those issues.  If a preferred solution cannot be worked out with the customer or customers, LiveOak Fiber reserves the right to manage the Internet traffic of high volume customers during periods of significant congestion.  This means that the affected customers will still be able to access the Internet and engage in activities that they desire, but during certain periods of time they may experience conditions such as longer times to download or upload files, slower access, and slower movements during online game playing.

Network Management Practices

LiveOak Fiber regularly monitors the connections on its network in the aggregate to determine the rate of utilization. Based on this monitoring, LiveOak Fiber proactively increases capacity by adding Fiber Optic nodes, transport, aggregation routers, and bandwidth. In rare instances, customers may experience longer download or upload times, or slower surf speeds as a result of network congestion. In each instance, LiveOak Fiber proactively engages in re-routing of Internet traffic to relieve congestion.

LiveOak Fiber’s network and congestion management practices are ‘application-agnostic’, based on current network conditions, and are not implemented on the basis of customers’ size, online activities, protocols or applications. LiveOak Fiber does not manage congestion by capping an individual customer’s usage, reducing the speed of an individual customer’s service once a certain amount of usage is exceeded, or other similar strategies. Instead, LiveOak Fiber focuses on anticipating and avoiding congestion by monitoring network usage and augmenting capacity in a targeted manner.

Network Security

LiveOak Fiber undertakes no obligation to monitor or protect customer traffic from spam, viruses, denial of service attacks or other malicious, unlawful, or unwarranted activities.  LiveOak Fiber does not guarantee that it can protect customers from any or all security breaches.  The customer is using this service at its own risk.  Customers are cautioned to purchase their own spam filtering, ransomware, and antivirus software from commercial vendors to meet their needs, however, a customer that is subject to spam, virus, and denial of service attack or similar malicious, unlawful or unwarranted activities is urged to contact LiveOak Fiber as soon as possible.  LiveOak Fiber will work with the customer on how the customer can take appropriate and economically reasonable efforts to address the matter.

Customers whose conduct abuses or threatens LiveOak Fiber’s network or which violates the LiveOak Fiber Terms and Conditions or Acceptable Use Policy will be requested to stop any such use immediately. A failure to respond to such request or to cease such conduct could result in service suspension or termination.

Commercial Terms

A description of LiveOak Fiber’s service offerings and rates may be found on LiveOak Fiber’s website at LiveOak Fiber’s Privacy Policy may be found on LiveOak Fiber’s website at For questions, complaints or requests for additional information, please contact LiveOak Fiber at (888) 454-8362.


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