Why LiveOak Fiber

Why LiveOak Fiber?

Internet the Way it Should Be.

LiveOak Fiber offers customers an internet experience with unparalleled speed and reliability. With LiveOak Fiber’s cutting-edge technology, you can expect more from your internet than ever before. So whether you’re streaming your favorite Netflix series, playing online games, or working from home, LiveOak Fiber has you covered with lightning-fast speeds and reliable connections that won’t let you down.

Don’t settle for slow. Revolutionize your internet experience.

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Our Commitment To You

To build a better internet, we had to start from the ground up. First, we asked internet users what was important to them. Then, we looked at other internet providers and asked, “how can we do it better?” We came up with three key areas: internet speed, price transparency, and customer support.

At LiveOak Fiber, we’re committed to:

  • Speed. No matter your plan, you’ll always have access to the fastest internet speed possible.

  • Transparency. Our pricing is always transparent, and you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees, capped data, or overage charges.

  • Support. Every customer receives five-star service from a local team.

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The LiveOak Fiber Difference

For far too long, internet companies have been overcharging customers for internet with an unreliable connection, artificial data caps, and inconvenient slowdowns. At LiveOak Fiber, we believe you deserve better.

Here is how we are changing the game with better internet.

Up to 200x faster than cable. Cable internet companies have old technology, causing them to promise bandwidth to 100 people and expect only one to use it. That may have been true in the 1990s, but certainly not today. Our technology can provide high-speed internet to all our customers because we’re transmitting data through light, which travels at, well, the speed of light.
Reliable Connection
No slowdowns during peak hours. Say bye-bye to buffering. At LiveOak, we’re all fiber, from the core all the way to your home. That means we’re faster, more reliable, and scalable. Plus, we’re burying 100% of our network, making it more resilient to storms and bad weather. So a windy day can’t rain on your connectivity parade anymore.
Unlimited Data
No artificial data caps. Cable internet companies don’t have the technology to handle a lot of usage from a lot of customers at the same time. So, many still place artificial limits on how much data you can use in a month. Not us. Our plans include truly unlimited data because our technology can handle all the data you need.
Symmetrical Speeds
Same download and upload speeds. Cable internet companies purposely focus on download speeds and short you on upload speeds. Why? Because, historically, internet needs were mostly downloads. Think movies and videos. But today’s internet needs depend on upload speeds for video conferencing, gaming, sending emails, and more. That’s why we give you both.
Smart WiFi
WiFi the way you want it. Smart WiFi adapts to the environment to ensure everyone in your home or business is enjoying fast internet. It’s so smart it even lets you prioritize your devices and their usage. Meaning if you’re working from home, your work application needs can be put ahead of whatever streaming or gaming is going on in another room.
Customers First
Making internet easy. For too long, internet companies have put their profits over their people. We decided to flip it and put our customers first. That’s why we offer easy month-to-month pricing with no annual contract, free equipment installation and setup from an expert local team, and no activation fees.

Welcome to the Future of the Internet

If you remember the days of dial-up internet, could you have ever guessed how much technology was going to advance? Smart phones and streaming services took most people by surprise. Just imagine what could come next.

Our lives are connected – to each other, businesses, entertainment, hobbies, and more – all through the internet. And it’s likely just the beginning. So you need an internet that can keep up with your life today and whatever the future holds.

That’s why the LiveOak Fiber team is committed to providing fiber internet built to adapt to ever-changing technology, new devices, and growing demand.

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Get ready to move on from the cable company.