Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions we get often.
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What is LiveOak Fiber?

LiveOak Fiber is a high-speed broadband internet service that uses fiber optic cable to deliver lightning-fast internet right to your home or business.

How is fiber different from cable internet?

Fiber internet is a broadband connection that uses fiber-optic cables to transmit data at very high speeds. This technology works by sending pulses of light through glass fibers, which are converted into electrical signals and carried along the cable until they reach their destination. This allows fiber internet to be much faster than the traditional cable that relies on copper wires.

What does symmetrical upload and download speeds mean?

Symmetrical upload and download speeds refer to the rate at which data can be transferred from your device (upload) or to your device (download). Download speed refers to how long it takes your internet to receive information. Examples include receiving text messages, streaming music or videos, surfing the web, and receiving files. Conversely, upload speeds refer to how long your internet takes to send information from your devices. Examples include uploading files, playing online games, and video conferencing.

With traditional cable, download speeds have always been prioritized and, therefore, faster. However, the way we use the internet has drastically changed over the years. With so many internet users now working and studying from home, and the advancement and popularity of online gaming increasing, it has become crucial to prioritize download and upload speeds equally for an improved internet experience.

LiveOak Fiber promises symmetrical upload speeds in every plan because you deserve the best internet experience possible.

What is the difference between Mbps and Gbps?

Put simply, Gigabits (Gbps) and Megabits (Mbps) are units of measurement that quantify data transfer rates. The difference lies in their magnitudes. 1 Gigabit (Gb) = 1,000 Megabits (Mb). So, if you have our 2 Gigabit package, you have 2,000 megabits; if you have our 5 Gigabit package, you have 5,000 Megabits.

How much data do I get with LiveOak fiber? Are there any caps?

All LiveOak Fiber’s plans include unlimited data with NO data caps and NO end-of-cycle slowdowns. Fiber internet is a newer, more reliable internet connection that offers faster speeds and higher bandwidth than traditional cable or DSL.

Is there a data cap on any plan?

No, there are no data caps on any of our plans.

What internet speeds does LiveOak offer?

No matter what your internet needs are, we have a plan for you. Our residential plans offer 500 Mbps, 2 Gbps, and 5 Gbps speeds. We also have business plans for both small businesses and enterprise level businesses. Our small business plans offer 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, and 5 Gbps plans, while our enterprise business plans offer dedicated 2 Gbps, dedicated 5 Gbps, and dedicated 10 Gbps plans.

Does LiveOak throttle speeds?

LiveOak Fiber will never throttle your internet speed. This is because Fiber internet can deliver faster speeds than other types of internet connections, such as cable or DSL. As a result, your connection will never be slowed down by LiveOak Fiber to manage traffic on their network.

What kind of WiFi router do I need?

LiveOak Fiber equips customers with an advanced modem/router combo at no extra charge.
If a new customer desires to use a router of their own, they can. However, it is not recommended as they would miss out on speed monitoring, app features, and they’d have to provide their own firewall and security.

Do you have Wi-Fi parental controls?

Yes, you can access parental controls by downloading the LiveOak Fiber app today!

What if LiveOak Fiber is not in my area yet?

We are working quickly and diligently to make LiveOak Fiber available in your area. Connect with us to be the first to know when fiber is available in your neighborhood.

Will I have to pay to have LiveOak Fiber internet installed in my home?

No, free equipment and installation is included in every LiveOak Fiber plan.

How long does LiveOak Fiber take to activate?

Once your Service Experience technician arrives, it can take up to an hour to install. These time estimates include installation, set-up, Wi-Fi optimization and any software updates to the equipment.

How is LiveOak Fiber optic internet installed?

There are slightly different approaches to installing fiber internet service. With LiveOak Fiber, the installation process includes three main steps:

  • First, fiber cable is placed at the street level.
  • Then, fiber is run from the street to your home and connected using a box that we install on the outside of your home, known as an NIU (network interface unit). We call this a ‘drop install,’ and you don’t need to be home when it happens. The NIU connects your home to the fiber that runs through the neighborhood.
  • Then, we schedule a Service Experience technician to come to your home and install a wall jack and a router.
Should I get LiveOak Fiber?

LiveOak Fiber high-speed internet is the best choice for households that count on internet to do work, get things done for school, connect smart home devices, stream TV or anything else. In addition, we have no contracts, no hidden fees and no data caps.


Is there a data cap on the LiveOak Fiber business plans?

No! There are no data caps on our business plans.

What is the fastest business plan speed?

LiveOak Fiber offers lightning-fast speeds up to 10 Gbps, meaning you can support more connected devices, transfer data and download large files instantly. LiveOak Fiber’s Business Plans are the right choice if you need more speed for:
• Unlimited users and many devices at once
• Faster multiple point-of-sale transactions
• Large file and data transfers
• And more

How much do LiveOak Fiber Business Plans cost?

LiveOak Fiber offers business plans for both small businesses and enterprise level businesses. Contact us to discuss plans and pricing.

What speed is right for my small business?

In today’s modern world, we believe every business needs gigabit speed! Our 1 Gbps plan is excellent for a small business with up to 10 employees.

Our 2Gbps plan, which is our most popular plan, is ideal for small businesses that may have many people connecting to the internet at the same time, for example, a coffee shop or restaurant. This plan is also great for small businesses with 15+ employees.

Lastly, our 5Gbps plan, which is our fastest plan, is best for businesses with 15+ employees that require a lot of applications and software that uses high amounts of data.

What is a static IP address, and when would I need it?

A static IP address is an unchanging, unique identifier assigned to a computer or other device on a network. It allows the device to be easily identified and contacted. You will need a static IP address to:

  • Maintain your own web or other internet server.
  • Have external devices or services connect to your network via IP address
  • Use a VPN or other service to connect to computers in your business remotely
What is a mesh extender?

A mesh extender is used along with the router provided to you by LiveOak Fiber and it helps your wifi network expand to all areas of your business or office area. These ensure that every inch of your work space gets the fastest internet possible.

What is WiFi 6?

WiFi 6 Gateway is the latest and greatest in WiFi. It delivers the best in speed, performance, and efficiency. It also provides up to 4x more device capacity over its predecessor.


What are you doing on my street?

We are bringing super-fast internet to the neighborhood!

How long is this going to take?

Probably around 1 week or so per block. We will finish as quickly as possible.

What’s the construction process and how long will it take?

LiveOak Fiber’s construction process for fiber cable installation begins with our crew marking roads and sidewalks with flags and spray paint to indicate where utilities and construction landmarks are located. This step ensures that our team can work safely and avoid disrupting any of your other utilities.

Once the prep for fiber installation is completed, our team of experts will dig trenches that will bring the fiber optic cables into your neighborhood. Once that is complete, your home will be ready for in-home installation. The in-home installation process takes around 1-2 hours to complete.

Why are you digging up my grass?

We have received permits to build in the first few feet of the yard which is a public right-of-way. We do our best to minimize this.

Who's going to fix my grass?

Our goal is to restore it back to the way we found it.

Who do I call if there are any construction issues?

For any construction related questions or concerns, please call us at 888-4LIVEOAK and choose option 1.


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