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Pardon Our Dust

We’re Digging The Way For Better Internet.

If you’ve seen our trucks or crews in your area, that means we’re hard at work bringing fiber internet to your community.

Have questions or concerns about the construction in your neighborhood?

Call 1-888-4LIVEOAK and choose Option 1 to speak with a local representative.

Our Commitment To You

We’re committed to bringing a better internet to the communities we serve.  We focus on three key elements: internet speed, price transparency, and customer support.

At LiveOak Fiber, we’re committed to:

  • Speed. No matter your plan, you’ll always have access to the fastest internet speed possible.

  • Transparency. Our pricing is always transparent, and you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees, capped data, or overage charges

  • Support. Every customer receives five-star service from a local team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, call 1-888-4LIVEOAK and choose Option 1 to speak with a local representative.

What are you doing on my street?
We are bringing super-fast internet to the neighborhood!
How long is this going to take?
Probably around 1 week or so per block. We will finish as quickly as possible.
Why are you digging up my grass?
We have received permits to build in the first few feet of the yard which is a public right-of-way. We do our best to minimize this.
Who's going to fix my grass?
Our goal is to restore it back to the way we found it.

The Future of the Internet is Here

Our lives are connected – to each other, businesses, entertainment, hobbies, and more – all through the internet. You deserve an internet that can keep up with your life today and whatever the future holds.

That’s why the LiveOak Fiber team is committed to providing fiber internet built to adapt to ever-changing technology, new devices, and growing demand.

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Get ready to move on from the cable company.