Residential Landline
Voice Service

Yes, that’s right – we said landline. LiveOak Fiber is proud to lead the resurgence of the home phone. With our residential landline voice service, you can enjoy consistently clear phone calls at home without worrying about dead spots, low signal, or interference interrupting your conversation.

The Return of the
Home Phone

We think cell phones are great, don’t get us wrong. But let’s face it, cell phones are much more tiny computer than phone these days. And sometimes you just need a phone.

Maybe you get poor cell service in your home. Maybe you want your family to decrease screen time. Maybe you just want to be able to put your cell phone – and all the emails and notifications that come with it – away when you walk in the door. But you still need to be accessible, right? Enter the home phone.

  • Consistently clear calls.
  • Customized phone experience.
  • Be unplugged but accessible.
  • A phone for the whole family.

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The Landline Is Back & Better Than Ever

With LiveOak Fiber’s residential landline voice service, you get all the benefits of the original home phone plus so much more. Because our landline is powered by our state-of-the-art fiber internet network, you’ll enjoy consistently clear calls with a whole lot of cool features.

The New & Improved LiveOak Landline* The OG Landline
Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calls
Automatic Robocall Blocking
Do Not Disturb Setting
Anonymous Call Rejection
Voicemail To Email
Find-Me/Follow-Me (Ring up to 5 different devices at once or in a preset order)
Call Blocking
Call Forwarding
10-Digit Local Phone Number
Caller ID
Call Waiting
Call Hold
3 Way Calling
*LiveOak Fiber internet service is required in order to have Landline Voice Service.

Already have a home phone?
Don’t worry, you can switch over to us and keep your same number.

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Why LiveOak Fiber

We set out to build a better internet from the ground up. First, we asked internet users what was important to them. Then, we looked at other providers to see how we could do it better. Now, we’re asking, “what else can we do with our world class internet?” The answer: better phone service. At LiveOak Fiber, we’re committed to:


Whether it’s sending emails, browsing the web, or talking on the phone, we believe everyone should have access to reliable and affordable communication.


No matter your plan, you’ll always have access to the fastest internet speed possible. Fast internet = clear calls.


Our pricing is always transparent, and you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees, capped usage, or overage charges.


Every customer receives five-star service from a local team.

Bring Your Phone Home

Ready for reliable and consistently clear calls? Simply fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch to discuss your options.


Get ready to move on from the cable company.