Randy Weinberger​

Vice President, Strategy & Capital Planning

Randy Weinberger brings over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, holding various leadership positions in sales, operations, and product and corporate development. He excels in assembling teams of high-performing individuals who are dedicated to achieving success.

Randy earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Buffalo School of Management, specializing in Economics and Information Systems. Prior to joining LiveOak Fiber, he held prominent roles, including as a founder and President of IceHook Systems, Partner Account Executive & Team Lead at Twilio, General Manager & Executive Vice President of Operations at General Telecom, and Vice President of Network Management Services at New Global Telecom.

Originally from the Hudson Valley region of New York state, Randy currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and teenage son. During his free time, he enjoys engaging in activities such as skiing, hiking, attending comedy shows and concerts, and supporting his beloved and occasionally hurtful, New York Mets.

Randy highly values his role at LiveOak Fiber because it gives him the chance to work with an outstanding team and bring high-speed internet to rural areas. This endeavor aims to foster equity, stimulate economic growth, create educational opportunities, improve healthcare services, enhance government efficiency, and ultimately uplift the overall quality of life for rural residents.


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