What are the safety features?

Our safety features include notifications alerting you with information about any security threat that was detected and blocked. No action is required, threats are automatically blocked.

You can find detailed network information from the Security tab. You will see details about the status of the service, how many Viruses, Intrusions and Threats have been blocked, and other settings. If, for any reason, legitimate content was blocked, you can select “add to trust list” to add it to your trusted content list. At any time, you can enter the Trusted List to remove it. 

The Skip Devices screen allows you to skip network security scans on specific devices. On this page, you can select a specific device or Select All if you do not want any device scanned. Please keep in mind that this may allow known threats into your network that may otherwise have been blocked.

The LiveOak Fiber app comes with an additional intrusion prevention system that you can control. Select Intrusion Settings from the main screen. This service protects your home network at the system level, but we encourage you to keep your device-level protection in place to keep your network secure.

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