Remember when you had to choose between using the internet or making a phone call? In those days, anyone who had teenagers had to constantly battle with AOL Instant Messenger tying up the phone line.

But then DSL and cable internet entered the market. 

Using the same copper lines as the telephone, but on separate frequencies for phone and internet, DSL meant you could access both at the same time. Cable internet also uses copper wires, but instead of the telephone lines, it uses the same lines that deliver TV signals to your home to deliver internet. These technologies became known as broadband or high-speed internet access.

But there’s a new option available today – high-speed fiber internet – and it’s a huge step forward.

Fiber internet uses pulses of light sent down strands of glass that get converted into electrical signals once they arrive in your home. Compared to cable and DSL, fiber is faster, more reliable and offers a better value. When you choose fiber, it’s also an investment in the future — your future — because, unlike DSL and cable internet, fiber internet is built to scale with new technologies.

Here are a few reasons fiber might be the internet you didn’t know was possible.

  • More Speed for Your Buck
    Fiber is faster, plain and simple. No matter what internet package you buy, the underlying technology of a fiber network is just different, and light pulses travel through fiber strands faster than electrical pulses travel down copper wires. And there’s even more to the story…

    For years, major internet service providers (ISPs) offering high-speed internet have hidden some key information in their sales pitches – the true speed of your internet. That’s because cable and DSL provide asymmetrical speeds, meaning the download speed is often significantly faster than the upload speed.

    But upload speeds are hugely important for anyone who depends on the internet for file sharing, video chatting, gaming, uploading photos to social media, or video-based meetings through platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Today, that’s just about everyone.

    Fiber internet offers symmetrical speeds, meaning your download and upload speeds are the same. And that means better performance, less buffering and fewer dropped calls and meetings.
  • A Connection That Lasts
    When you depend entirely on copper wiring for your internet connection, even modern copper wiring, your internet signal will weaken as it’s transmitted to your device at a much faster rate than with fiber connections. That weakening of a signal as it’s transmitted is called attenuation, and it can lead to slower processing and spotty connections in your home.

    But fiber is different. Fiber can transmit data over longer distances without experiencing the signal loss of copper connections. When it comes to endurance, fiber is your long-distance runner.
  • Internet That Can Keep Up
    When you’re streaming your favorite shows and movies, working from home, sharing video calls with far-away family, gaming or managing your life via your phone and smart home devices, you depend on an optimal internet connection.

    And as we become more and more connected, just any internet won’t cut it. Living your life to the fullest requires the internet performance and reliability that only high-speed fiber internet can offer.
  • Stronger, Faster Better Together
    When your community “goes fiber” you not only save but also you invest in the roots that keep communities vibrant, connected and prepared for the future. The internet has become a utility and is essential in creating a more equitable world where everyone can access opportunity.

    In fact, it’s so important that areas where fiber internet is available often see a boost in home prices. 

Fiber is the Future

In today’s connected world, you should expect more from your internet provider – because you deserve it. You deserve to live your life at your pace without being hindered by inadequate and overpriced internet speeds and unreliable connections.

At LiveOak Fiber, we are dedicated to always pushing the envelope when it comes to getting you the fastest internet possible. When other internet service providers say that speed is impossible — we make it possible because that’s who we are and that’s what you deserve.

Ready for a fiber Internet that is revolutionizing the industry, from speed to exceptional customer service? Get to know LiveOak and see what fiber internet services we offer in your area!