How do I sign up for autopay?

You can sign up for autopay on the customer portal.  When you add a credit card to your portal account, you can enable the toggle button  to “Automatically charge this card for future invoices”.  If you are editing an existing payment method, you can also select the same option.

Step by Step Process

  • Login to customer portal. Portal can be accessed from LOF website Login/Pay Bill Button or url
  • When you login you will be on the Billing page. If you are on a different page, you will need to select Billing on left pane of portal.
  • Click on Add new credit card.

  • The screen will display for customer to fill out credit card information.
  • To enroll in Autopay, slide toggle button – Automatically charge this card for all future invoices. The toggle button will show as enabled.
  • Click Add new credit card.

  • You will see a card added successfully message at the top of the screen.
  • The credit card added will now display on the Summary Dashboard/Billing page and you will see Autopay indicated.

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